Video Communication

Video conferencing is a communications technology that integrates video and audio to connect users anywhere in the world as if they were in the same room. This term usually refers to communication between three or more users who are in at least two locations, rather than one-on-one communication, and it often includes multiple people at each location. Each user or group of users who are participating in a video conference typically must have a computer, a camera, a microphone, a video screen and a sound system. Another requirement is a connection to the communications system that is being used, which in the 21st century usually is the Internet but, a broadcast signal or other communications technology. When using video conferencing, participants can see and hear each other in real time or close to it, allowing natural face-to-face conversations and visual elements that are not possible with voice-only communications technology.


This technology is especially popular in the field of business because it allows meetings or conferences to be held without the need for all of the participants to travel to a single location, so it saves time and money. For the same reasons, it also is useful in the fields of academics and medicine. Almost any organization that holds meetings for people from different locations — no matter how far apart they are, whether across town or around the world — can make use of video conferencing.

The implementation of Video Conference solutions offers numerous benefits to the organizations irrespective of the industry type; from cost benefit to increased productivity, increased communication between internal/external customers and less emissions for a better tomorrow.

Video Conferencing solutions suggested are of different types for different needs. Pirn Technologies helps you choose the best solution that fits into your requirement without bothering about the technical jargons.

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