CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) systems comprising of quality high definition cameras and state-of-the-art recording platforms have many uses within the security field. These are used for security monitoring by the institutions and businesses, crowd control, car parks, and other vulnerable areas against that age-old problem of vandalism. PIRN TECHNOLOGIES uses the most up to date technology, this includes the new digital storage system, which eliminates the use of videotape for the storage of images and therefore eradicates the need to change and rotate videotapes.

This method of electronic surveillance using CCTV cameras provides remote monitoring of prime target areas of the premises. With 24x7 security protection and less staff overheads, CCTV systems provide greater security cover at a reduced recurring cost. CCTV systems have a powerful deterrence capability and provide extensive data of recorded images for post event analysis.


CCTV and surveillance technology is constantly evolving and today’s digital and IP cameras provide increasingly sophisticated capabilities for monitoring and recording. With a wide choice of products available, we at PIRN TECHNOLOGIES will help you choose the right solution for your need.

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