Access Control

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or resource. Or in other words an authorized individual can enter or access the place or resource.

It allows controlling of entry and exit of individuals with PIN, card or finger print through a biometric access systems, and provides analysis and reporting of access information by recording these information.

In the present era of modernization, the concept of security has changed significantly. The major factor responsible for such revolutionary change is the form in which information can be carried. Today a chip sized Pen drive can contain valuable information & is vulnerable for intelligent theft. An employee, who is not authorized to access the server room, may sneak through your eyes and can get hold of important data. It becomes virtually impossible to hold someone responsible for such act unless there is some mechanism to restrict the physical entry and to monitor the time spent within the premises.


Access control broadly can be divided into two types.

1) Card Access Systems
2) Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control has several methods of authorization and each of them has got their own advantages.

arrow2 Fingerprint
arrow2 Face Recognition
arrow2 Iris Recognition
arrow2 Palm Vein Recognition

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arrow2 Turnstiles
arrow2 Vehicle Barriers and Obstacles
arrow2 EACS (Employee Absence Control System)
arrow2 X-Ray Devices
arrow2 Metal Detectors

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